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The DPS procedures and laws changed on September 1, 2017. Please see following FAQ.

NOTE:    Legislation takes effect Sept. 1, 2017 which will lower the license fee from the state to $40.00.   


The latest version of the DPS provided Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available by visiting http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/RSD/CHL/faqs/


Obtain a handgun proficiency certificate (labeled CHL-100 in the lower right corner) by completing a approved course of instruction taught by a Qualified Handgun Instructor certified by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The (CHL-100)  is valid for 24 MONTHS.


Helpful tip for all new License to Carry (LTC) applicants.  The purpose of this tip is to explain an unintentional glitch in the TX DPS  system used by  Applicants.  There is a 24-hour lag between when you apply for a LTC online and when your application is activated and available to receive any supporting documents.  When you apply for a LTC – wait for 24 hours before any additional action

Example of supporting documents is Completion of Training Certificate LTC-100, Proof of Military Service DD-214, any other documents listed on the License to Carry a Handgun Confirmation Message. “This email confirms you have submitted an online application. See below for the checklist of items required to complete your application.” 

Applicant will receive this confirmation notice twice:

1. Print this page notice -  received after submitting application.

2. An email will also be sent to address used in the application.   

Note:  This 24-hour lag also applies to fingerprinting.  You will need to make an appoint with a company to have your fingerprints taken.  Wait for 24 hours before making your appointment.

This 24-hour lag is not identified in any instructions received from the DPS web page.  Being aware of this lag may save one from Frustration and Delay when applying for a LTC on-line.

New applicants will have the option to make an appointment at the end of the online application process to have their finger prints taken electronically. Cost for this service is $9.95.

  • Initial licenses applicants - Photos are no longer required for Texas Driver’s license holders.  Out-of-state applicants will still need to provide 2 passport style photos.
  • Renewal applicants - Are now handled completly online.   Photos and fingerprints are
     not required for renewal  applications if the copy that the DPS has on file is acceptable.
  • Go here to renew your CHL.
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