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Prices and service

CODIS-19 Special Offer - expires May 1   Online Texas LTC Class for $10.00
Go to:  TexasCarryAcademy.com and use PromoCode:  TexasLTC
Driftwood LTC conducts the shooting proficiency portion to complete the LTC-101 at our range. 
LTC in person class suspended until CODIS-19 guidelines allow -  Class dates - see class schedule.
The new reduced classroom hours make for a great day trip. Arrange a fun class for friends, favorites or relatives.  Book a private Concealed Handgun Class (Minimum 4 students) start at 9:00 a.m. and finish up around 4:00 p.m. Then visit local winerys (one is locate next door to training site), breweries or famous destination restaurants located nearby (Salt Lick BBQ), or other tourist destinations (Wimberley shopping/sight seeing).
Already have a license but want to take a tune up class. Catch up on the latest laws (hint: they change the laws every two years) Take a "tune up class" online. Coming soon 
Do you have someone that needs the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Safety Training?  Enroll them in the classes taught at Cabela's then you can take the CHL class taught on same day held in adjacent classroom.  Productive way to spend the wait time while someone acquires necessary training for hunting in Texas.  Call for details   512.923.2596.
Are you a new gun owner or entry level shooter?  Take a handgun 101 class to get familiar with your new handgun.  Learn handgun fundamentals before the CHL class or tune up your skills if you have not handled a handgun enough to feel comfortable.  These classes are scheduled individually for personalized training.  Please call to discuss your needs and details of training available 512.923.2596.
If you are interested in attending an im person class to obtaining a License To Carry - formerly called CHL (this iincludes range qualier at no extra charge) - see the class schedule to find a date that will work for you.  
Please contact us for any additional information. 512.923.2596
  • Note - the classroom portion can be  taken online or conducted at any location, but the shooting proficiency portion must be conducted at a safe range (discuss requirements with instructor ).
We teach the course for obtaining the Certificate of Certification (DPS Form CHL-100) which is required by Texas DPS to obtain a Texas LTC / CHL.  Cost for class includes shooting range is $75 Cash or Check. (Hearing, Hat and eye protection is provided). 
Note: Effective Sept. 1 the caliber restriction has been removed.  Any caliber handgun can be used in the class.
Classes are conducted in one day.  Start at 9:00 am and complete around 4:00 pm. 
It is informative and a lot of fun.  


Renewals classes are no longer required after September 1, 2013.  LTC/CHL Licensees can renew online at the DPS web site within 6 months of birthday that license expires.


Handgun Basics Training - Handgun 101 


Are you a new shooter or rusty with your handgun skills? Take a handgun 101 class (intro to handguns). Learn how to shoot, carry and clean your new handgun.  Please contact us to arrange for personalized training. Cost is $50 per hour with a two hour minimum. Note: HG101 students get a $25 discount when they folllow up with a LTC class.

Shooting is conducted at a private range located near Wimberley (no range fee).

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